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Lithium Electric Powered Propulsion Surf, SUP, & Rescue Boards




Currently Designing and updating the Jetson Surf Technology website. Has an Associates of Science in Technology as well as a couple of Certificates. Contributing to the Jetson Surf Technology digital age. Happens to be a very competent graphic designer & videographer. Looks forward to growing with the Jetson Family.

What is Jetson?

Jetson is a surfboard that includes a miniature jet which gives you a boost at the most important moments: paddling momentum to take off on your wave. It is a surfboard that will allow you to catch more waves to make the most of your surfing experience.


Moreover, when the size of the waves or the strength of the current goes beyond your limits, Jetson provides you with the extra power to stay at the take-off spot. It is a powerful tool that helps you catch big waves, especially for older surfers who could use a little help to paddle out on a huge wave day.

Once you’re riding the wave, thanks to the full integration of its small design components and its ease of use, your surfing experience becomes as fluid and intense as the ride you get on a regular surfboard.

Power, weight, and size have been optimized to maintain the traditional surfing experience. As a result, you will still have to paddle your own way out into the break with powered assistance especially helpful for remote breaks far from shore or for fighting brutal currents. Thanks to Jetson's cutting edge technology you will be able to go above and beyond your usual limits by using this battery-powered propulsion. 


Jetson boards are not, however, recreation boats, beach toys, or jet skis. You will still have to paddle through the waves to ride them. 

Why Jetson?

The surfing experience can only be understood if you try it. Sometimes conditions at sea are far from ideal, or you may not be in ideal physical shape, so you simply cannot reach the point where you’re riding a wave. This mainly happens at two essential moments because of their complexity, reaching the break and paddling fast and strong enough to take off. Sometimes those two moments are so difficult that the surfer uses up every bit of energy too quickly.


That is where Jetson comes in, to help you get out to the waves and breaks. But even more importantly, it helps you during take-off, so you can reach that point a bit earlier, right before the wave breaks, with enough time to catch the wave and enjoy the clean side of the wave’s wall. Once you’re riding on the wave, the Jetson board design provides exactly the same smooth, dynamic sensation experienced on any traditional surfboard. It also allows you to ride waves longer through the slow spots on waves due to your propulsion through the water. Until you try it for yourself, you will never know how helpful it will be to paddle out and save your arm strength for making that early take-off.


The exclusive performance shapes ensure a dynamic surfing experience on the wave. Jetson, with its boosted surf mechanism, is the perfect partner on those especially tough days, or days when the waves are bigger and you want that extra safety that only Jetson can provide by helping you catch the wave before it breaks.

For inspired paraplegics or injured surfers, this boosted surfboard will have you back in the water fast. You will be inspired to new levels of accomplishment and achievement not possible without our battery-powered propulsion electric motor driven surfboard.

Invisible Technology


Jetson’s electric powered propulsion technology has just one goal in mind of improving your surfing experience. All its detail work and parts were designed with the unique goal of maximizing your surfing experience via size, weight, momentum, power, and control. That way, when it comes time for you to surf, our boards provide you both comfort and reliability.


It has been a long journey in which many different surfboard prototypes were tested until attaining the most reliable board. At the same time, the research and development required were considered to ensure that every component part was perfectly integrated into our innovative Jetson Surf Technology designs.

Who Are We?

The Jetson team formed around one single thing, our passion for surfing. Our team began in Spain with three expert innovators and surfing lovers who decided to create what is currently known as Jetson back in 2012. All Jetson boards and battery packs have maintained their rugged durability while withstanding powerful surf and brutal currents. All Jetson shapes and accessories produced as early as 2012 are still operational and riding waves to this day. Our goal was simply to make it easier for everybody to practice the sport, overcoming factors like the surfer’s physical shape, conditions at sea, and technical expertise. Our team's global search for this pioneering technology-assisted Jetson to bring the electric-powered propulsion innovation to the USA in order for Jetson to complete the U.S. patent process in 2017. Jetson has continued to innovate in the American marketplace throughout 2022. COVID-19 has delayed Jetson's surfboard production for 2021/2022 due to parts shortages worldwide.

Now in 2022 in spite of chips and parts shortages, Jetson is ready to begin production in conjunction with our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign.

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