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Where is Jetson Located?​

Jetson is located in Greater (on the island) Melbourne, FL. Warranty repair services are available at the FL locations.

113 5th Ave, Indialantic, FL, 32903 USA.


What's included with the Full System?


  • Battery Pack - 90 minutes of battery life in the water

  • Battery Charger - approximately 2-4 hours to charge

  • Spare Battery Compartment Screw

  • Quad Fins for FCS System

  • Basic Operating Tools

Shipping from Florida to all 50 US states

All e-boards packed in board boxes are securely packed and shipped insured via American Airlines air cargo for one electric-powered propulsion surfboard 9'0" Longboard, 8'0" Fun Shape, or 6'8" Shortboard model.  The e-surfboard will arrive at the closest airport that serves the larger jet aircraft closest to you.  The battery pack, 120V charger, and all other accessories/welcome kit will be sent to the FedEx location closest to you for pickup.  E-surfboards can also be picked up at our Florida location.

American Airlines Air Cargo shipping rates are subject to change without notice.                                                                   



Free Pickup at our Florida locations. 

Where can I order parts?

Contact us with the parts you require.


How long does the battery charge last?

You have 90 minutes while in the water depending on how much you paddle and which power settings are used.


What's included with the Full System?

The full system on all models includes. Standard battery pack and charger. Quad (4) Fins. Also included is a spare parts kit with assorted tools.

Are the fins interchangeable?

Yes, the FCS 1 system can be switched out. The new electric-powered propulsion surfboard fin system you are purchasing will upgrade to FCS 2 and can also be switched out as well.

Can I put a new tail pad on the board?


​What form of payment can I use to buy my Jetson eBoard

All major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and Bank ETF.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Our batteries charge in 2 - 5 hours


What is the weight (w/o battery pack) and volume of the 6'8" shortboard?

Our 6' 8" Short Board weighs approximately 19 lbs, 45L.


What is the weight (w/o battery pack) and volume of the 8'0" Funshape?

Our 8'0" Fun Board weighs approximately 21 lbs, 61L.


What is the weight (w/o battery pack) and volume of the 9'0" Long Board

Our 9'0" Long Board weighs approximately 23 lbs, 76.5L.

What is the weight compared to a regular surfboard?

The motor and battery pack adds 8lbs however, you can't feel the difference in the water.


How much does the lithium battery weigh?

The lithium battery weighs 4.5 lbs

Is the battery safe to have in the water? 

Yes, it is sealed in a water-tight compartment with an O Ring to prevent water intrusion 

What type of charging cable does Jetson Surfboards use? 

A standard 120v cable is connected to your customary power outlet.

Is the Jetson Surfboard for experienced surfers or beginners?

Our boards are for beginner, intermediate, and expert surfers. It is also used at surfing schools!

Which board is best for me?

It depends on your level of experience in practicing the sport of wave riding. Beginners start with the longboard for 80 lbs up to 255 lbs. Then slowly graduate to a Fun Shape board from 80 lbs up to 210 lbs. Then finally to the shortboard from 80 lbs up to 200 lbs. Other novices start with the longboard and choose not to graduate to the shorter models or they end up staying with the fun shape or short board depending on their experience and preferences.

Will Jetson Surfboards help me if I have an injury?

Yes, Jetson Boards have enabled surfers who have experienced life-altering injuries to keep surfing. Some of these wave riders who were positively affected by Jetson are amputees or have experienced spinal injuries, and other debilitating ailments.

What are the speeds of 25% – 50% – 75% – 100% on the keypad?

25%: 1-2 mph, 50%: 2-3 mph, 75%: 3-4 mph, 100%: 4-6 mph

Which board models does Jetson Surf Technology offer with electric-powered propulsion?

6’ 8” Shortboard – 8’0” Funshape – 9’0” Longboard.              

Out of stock at this time: 9’8” Standup Paddle Board (SUP) – 10’2” Rescue Board

What happens if I fall off the electric-powered propulsion board?

The Jetson is designed for the propulsion nozzle to position horizontally on the water to prevent the propulsion of the board from moving forward. The leash attached to your ankle serves as a second device to pull the board next to you.


What material is used to shape the electric-powered propulsion surfboard?

Epoxy resin.

What are the color options for Jetson?

They are shaped and built in one color theme. You can paint them at your discretion. 


How do you charge the Jetson electric-powered propulsion surfboard models?

With your 120V or 220V battery​ charger

Do I need a watercraft license to operate Jetson?

The motor doesn’t operate on a continuous basis; instead provides a temporary boost to paddle out to punch through the impact zone & maintain position in heavy currents. The temporary boost of the electric motor doesn’t supply power to the propeller continuously. It operates for 100 seconds at a time; therefore, it can be operated freely as a traditional surfboard in all surfing areas, except where surfing is prohibited by law.

Surfboard Limited Warranty: One year mechanical and electrical

Battery & Charger Limited Warranty: Covered by manufacturers 

What is Jetson's return policy?

10-day Refund Policy with Jetson and Indiegogo: If you're not catching more waves than ever before and your Jetson has not improved your wave-riding enjoyment within the 10 days after your receive it. (You would pay for return packing, insurance, and shipping to Jetson.)

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