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Rent Our Propulsion Technology in Northern Peru

Jetson Surf Technology has teamed up with Morris Overseas Tours World Wide Surfing Adventures offering you an experienced guide and translator to surf the longest left-hand wave in the world at Puerto Chicama and Punta Huanchaco world surfing reserve with luxury South Pacific Ocean View Lodging.

***Morris Overseas Tours is ready to reserving your surfing adventure to Northern Peru.***   ***Pending constantly changing COVID restrictions***

This is also the perfect chance to rent and test trial one of our lithium electric powered propulsion surfboards for a few days while also bringing your personal surfboard.

We have 6'8" Shortboards and 9' Longboards available for this exclusive test trial offer. Book your spot in advance to join other Jetson surfers on the surf trips offered in April and June 2021 at (321) 313-8059, all of your surfing friends are welcome to join us with their surfboards.


During your test trial, you will be able to answer all of your questions about Jetson's innovative technology after catching more waves than ever before and paddling out on huge days with brutal currents, not to mention, riding the longest left-hand wave of your surfing life.

We are very excited to bring this opportunity to you to ride more waves than ever before with our lithium electric powered propulsion technology. Call us for complete test trial offer details at (321) 313-8059.

Not valid with any other coupons or promotional offers.


Herman Fox - Puerto Chicama, Northern Peru

Herman Misses His Jetson Rental

"I miss renting the Jetson electric-powered longboard during my surf trip to Puerto Chicama, Northern Peru so much. I'm in Costa Rica right now and I wish one was here to rent since the long right-hand waves are awesome at Ollie's Point!"

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