Dimensions: 10'2" x 26" x 4.33"

Volume: 160 L              

Weight (without battery pack): 26.5 lbs

Weight (battery): 4.5 lbs




The Jetson Rescue Board combines a fully tested shape to suit any water situation along with the safety provided by the extra push of it's integrated jet, ensuring a rapid arrival to any emergency. The ocean rescuer arrives more rested to the victim.


Demo Video of Martin County Fire and Ocean Rescue at Stuart Beach

Demo Video of Palm Beach County Fire and Ocean Rescue at Delray Beach

Four (4) power levels to reach the propulsion needed on each rescue board or in practice sessions. The control panel offers performance-enhancing electronics to save victim's lives.



Assists ocean rescuer and victim with rescue and safe return to the beach. In demo tests and trials Jetson Electric Powered Rescue Board arrives first to the victim before the jet ski or conventional  paddle board.

Specially designed to optimize Lithium-ion low weight and guarantee extra water propulsion to ensure the fastest response of lifeguard rescue teams on critical rescue moments for a quick return to the beach or shoreline.

10'2 Li-ion Electric Powered Rescue Paddle Board (Full System)