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Andy Clark Maldives.JPG

Andy Surfing Down the Line

Andy rode waves on his 10-day trial offer to travel to The Maldives with his son on a Jetson 8' Funboard. He had a blast surfing more waves than ever before so he decided to purchase his 8' board and a 6'8" board upon his return!

Trial Offer Leaves Jim Stoked

This shot shows Jim surfing a Jetson 8'  Funboard in the consistent waves of Costa Rica during his surf trip. He loved Jetson Surf Technology so much that he bought his 8' when he returned and he is now a proud owner!

Jim Lory Costa Rica.jpg

Herman Misses His Jetson Rental

"I miss renting the Jetson electric-powered longboard during my surf trip to Puerto Chicama, Northern Peru so much. I'm in Costa Rica right now and I wish one was here to rent since the long right-hand waves are awesome at Ollie's Point!"

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