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"I rode waves on my 10-day trial offer to travel to The Maldives with my son on a Jetson 8' Funboard.  I had a blast surfing more waves than ever before so I decided to purchase his 8' board and a 6'8" board upon my return!"



"I was surfing a Jetson 8'Funboard in the consistent waves of Costa Rica during my surf trip.  I love Jetson Surf Technology so much that I bought a 8' when I returned. I am now a proud owner!"


“I just got back from a fabulous surf session with my Jestson.  I’m 68 years old and Jetson rejuvenated my surfing. I’m on an electric powered Jetson surfboard catching more waves than I can ever imagine.”
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“Hi I’m ED at 73 years old. Jetson has kept me in the water 4 days a week in the last 7 years.  I’m hitting up to 15 to 20 waves per session."
Jimbo headshot_edited.jpg


"My first reaction to an electric surfboard was “No Way.”
With Jetson I can now triple my wave count that I would’ve got on an traditional board.  Jetson’s not the future. Its Now."
Joze headshot_edited.jpg


“Jetson got me back to
surfing despite my shoulder injury.  It’s incredible how easy it is to use. It has a panel for controlling the speeds. The battery lasts two hours.  It’s a great investment, I think you should buy a Jetson.”


Boca Raton Fire & Ocean Rescue Department FL

The new e-Rescue Board will help with water rescues. It's going to cut through the waves and that it has strap handles to hold onto the e- Rescue Board. "


Boca Raton Fire & Ocean Rescue Department FL

" It saves energy as far as making the rescue. It will make the rescue faster."
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