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Gary is the founder of Jetson Surf Technology.  He graduated from USF in International Marketing & Finance, he has traveled, surfed and operated businesses in six of the seven continents.  Gary formed the Jetson team around one single thing, his passion for surfing.  Gary acquired the USPTO patent in 2017.  His goal is to ensure the fastest response of life saver rescue teams to save victim's lives.  His vision has brought the E to the sea with clean energy to also enable all surfers to catch more waves than ever before.

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Bob graduated from the University of  Florida with a Civil Engineering Degree in 1979 studying Environmental and Coastal Engineering.  He flew as a Naval Aviator in the United States Navy retiring with the rank of O-5 and also flew commercially and retired as a Boeing 767 ER International Captain.   In 2018 he partnered with Gary Lane, the founder of Jetson Surf Technology, to develop electric powered propulsión surfboards here in the USA. Bob, surfing since the 1970's, believes that Jetson will take surfing to a new level that will keep lifetime surfers surfing a lifetime!

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With a background in Engineering, Research and Development, Ed has used his skill level ad experience and develop better motors, lithium batteries, and electronics for the Jetson jet propulsion system used in all board models. Experienced in design, manufacturing, injection molding, pro-wave lights technology, reading blueprints, drafting specifications and wireless drone operations for video content has placed Jetson in the high-tech arena.

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Zakk is an integral part of Jetson Surf Technology. With a background in international Buisness and Marketing he has quested in multiple sectors of tech, private equity, and blockchain development. He sits on the prestigious consulting board for 1925 Consulting LLC in NYC, where he advises corporations on web3 and blockchain integrations.  He saw Jetson Surf Technology as a rare opportunity due to Jetson's use cases.  He believes in creating a cleaner and better future.

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Currently Designing and maintaining the Jetson Surf Technology website.  Degree in Science in Technology as well as other related certificates in the digital media field. Contributes to the Jetson Surf Technology digital age.  Additional skills include creative graphic designer, videographer, photographer, script editor and Jetson's content creation.




Alonso graduated from San Ignacio de Loyola University in Lima, Peru as an Industrial & Commercial Engineer.  He is an Information Management Analyst with experience in Business and Financial Analytics.  Currently, he is responsible for providing support to Jetson's  IT department.





Micro Computer Design and Integration prototyping through CAD, 3D Printing, Mold Design, Surfboard Shaping and Design with CAD and Multi Axis CNC Machines.

Why Jetson?

The miniature jet gives the surfer boost at critical moments in surfing including paddling out and also creating extra momentum to take off on a wave.  It is just as maneuverable as a traditional surfboard but it will allow you to catch more waves than ever before to make the most of a surfers surfing experience.  


Additionally when the size of the waves or the strength of the current goes beyond a surfers limits, a Jetson board provides the extra power to counter the current and stay at the optimum take-off spot, an ongoing problem Jetson has solved once and for all ! The Jetson is perfect for those who want to catch bigger waves, or those aging surfers or surfers with nagging upper body injuries who could use some help to paddle out and catch waves.  

For inspired paraplegics or injured surfers, this boosted surfboard will have you back in the water fast. You will be inspired to new levels of accomplishment and achievement not possible without our battery-powered propulsion electric motor-driven surfboard.

For Fire & Ocean Rescue Departments, our Jet Propulsion Rescue Board, suited for any water situation, ensures the fastest response for critical rescue moments for a quick deployment and for a rapid arrival to any water emergency.  

Invisible Technology


Once you’re riding the wave, thanks to the full integration of our touchpad components and its ease of use, your surfing experience becomes as fluid as the ride you get on a traditional  surfboard. 


Power, weight, and size have been optimized on a Jetson to maintain the traditional surfing experience and is especially helpful for remote breaks far from shore or for fighting brutal currents.  Thanks to Jetson's cutting edge technology you will be able to go above and beyond your usual limits by using our battery-powered propulsion Jetson e-board.

Who Are We?

Sometimes conditions at sea are far from ideal, or you may not be in ideal physical shape, or you simply cannot paddle and takeoff like you used to when you were 18 years old. That is where Jetson comes in, to help you get out to the waves, stay in position, make takeoffs a breeze and once again be the envy of the lineup as you catch more waves than  ever before!


Our goal at Jetson is two fold. To help save lives by getting our patented rescue boards into each and every Ocean and Fire Rescue Department across America and to keep surfers of all ages enjoying the sport of surfing and most importantly to “keep lifetime surfers surfing a lifetime!”

What is Jetson?

Jetson is a surfboard and ocean rescue-board company that has an USPTO patent to manufacture e-surfboards and rescue e-boards incorporating a  powerful battery powered jet propulsion system.  We are the only existing company in our industry that has successfully incorporated a propulsion system into a surfboard giving us the ability to make battery powered jet propulsion e-surfboards, ocean rescue e-boards, stand-up paddle e-boards, reef observation e-boards and Reconnaissance  e-boards.  We also have other exciting markets we are expanding into on our website. 

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