Dimensions: 8'0" x 23" x 3.5"

Volume: 61 L

Weight (without battery pack): 21 lbs

Weight (battery): 4.5 lbs


This will be your go to board for those who want to ride a fun shape without loosing the paddling speed of a long board. Sit outside with the long boarders and catch more waves than ever before. Jetson Surf Technology's 8' Wahoo is the perfect way to start feeling what surfing is all about. Due to its volume and width, it's totally maneuverable in the waves. Driven by an aluminum alloy propeller, this board allows you to catch waves early before the wave breaks. This gives you that extra time needed to stand up and position yourself on the wave, making the takeoffs super easy.

8' Wahoo Li-ion Electric Powered Funboard Quad Fin (Full System)