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Lithium Electric Powered Propulsion Surfboards



Our 8’0” will be your go to board for those who want to ride a fun shape without loosing the paddling speed of a long board. Sit outside with the long boarders and catch more waves than ever before.




Our 9’0" will increase your wave count even when the crowds are heavy or the current is brutal. You will power into position and catch waves with ease and leave the crowd behind.

9' Grouper Longboard



Wanting to ride a short board when the waves get big but huge drift? Not any more! Our 6’8” will power you into that outside set as you will catch the bomb every time! Because of its size and width, the board won’t let a single wave get by you. It's jet will help propel you to the lineup, and once you are there it helps you catch the waves, even if conditions are rough. Once you are surfing the wave, you just have to pay attention to actual surfing: riding the wave while turning, doing floaters, accelerate up and down the line, tube riding, or whatever else you can surf at your level.

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VIP early bird special 45% off discount

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We are excited about you wanting to know more about our electric-powered propulsion surfboards in short, fun, and longboard sizes we will be offering.

If you haven't already done so, please provide your information here: to opt into our SMS texting service to keep you up to date when the VIP launch begins with our exclusive offer.

Our surfboard prices will be released about one week (please be patient) before the IndieGoGo launch day. Don't miss out on taking advantage of purchasing our limited quantity of boards available at the VIP early bird special 45% off discount. FAQ

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